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We all love flowers, right. I mean who doesn’t. There is a variety of flowers, of different colors, shapes, sizes and it can only be associated with positivity, but have you ever wondered, how detrimental they can be sometimes for nature and how many opportunities does the solution brings with it. Every year about 80 lakh metric tonnes of flowers are disposed into the Ganges that are in turn accountable for 16% of India’s total water pollution. Now you might think that flowers are biodegradable. On the contrary, irresponsibly discarded flower waste has had a major ecological impact.


A revolutionary statement once made by Mr. Lester Brown, “We’ve not inherited the Earth from our ancestors, simply borrowed it from our children.” Keeping this spirit in our minds, we, Team Arpan, bring to you Esscent - a chain of premium flower-based products with a multidimensional impact. With every box you buy, you save the rivers from the discarded temple flowers that are offered with a pure motive but end up polluting the rivers, you empower the underprivileged women and bring them to the forefront by making them self-sufficient and, you add a smile on the faces of all those specially-abled people who long to stand on their own feet.


We are on a mission to create a threefold impact: Empowering people, Conserving

Planet, Promising Purity.


Our vision is to improve the livelihoods of specially-abled and rural women while working towards environmental sustainability.

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