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Eco-friendly Incense Sticks offered by Esscent under their luxury flower based incense sticks range

Bask in the tranquility

of Organic Aromas

Esscent, the unification of essence and scent, suggestive of the sustainability and the apparent fragrance that uplifts the moods, creates a story with a multidimensional impact. With every box you buy, you save the rivers from the discarded flowers that are offered with a pure motive but end up polluting the rivers. With every box, you buy, you empower the underprivileged women and bring them at the forefront by making them self-sufficient. With every box you buy, you add a smile on the faces of all those specially-abled people who long to stand on their own feet.

The image of a hand forming a heart signifies Esscent's milestone of impacting 5000+ lives. It represents the profound positive influence we have had, touching hearts and making a difference. Join us in our journey of transforming lives and spreading love.



The image of a flower represents Esscent's achievement of recycling 500+ kgs of flower waste. It symbolizes our commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Together, we can make a significant difference by repurposing flower waste and promoting a greener future.




The graph illustrates Esscent's outstanding growth, highlighting a remarkable 150% gain. It symbolizes our credibility and substantial progress in expanding our business. Join us on this exciting journey of growth and success.



The women depicted in the image represent how Esscent has empowered women. It signifies our commitment to providing opportunities, fostering independence, and promoting gender equality. Together, we can create a world where women thrive and succeed.




Incense Sticks

Handrolled with love and care for creating the right environment for you

Incense Cones

Faithfully crafted ambient aromas for a serene ambience

Scented Candles

Fragrance loaded candles to brighten up your day and bring delight to the senses

Our products are made up of flower waste and are hand-rolled by our rural women and
specially-abled people. We, as a brand, believe in giving back to the society, through every action of ours. Not only is our product completely organic but also the packaging is
plastic-free. The three-layered packaging makes it the perfect alternative to what we commonly see around us.

The image of the Earth represents Esscent's commitment to sustainability by recycling flower waste. It symbolizes our dedication to making the world more sustainable through our initiative. Together, we can create a greener future.


The image represents how Esscent uplifts and empowers individuals, helping them improve their lives. It showcases our commitment to making a positive impact and providing opportunities for personal growth and success. Join us in transforming lives for the better.


The image showcases our 100% pure and charcoal-free products, emphasizing their natural and high-quality attributes. Experience the true essence of our offerings, free from any additives or impurities.


The image depicts hands forming a heart, symbolizing the immense love and dedication with which our women have crafted these products. Their passion shines through every creation, reflecting their commitment and care.


Our Bestsellers

Alexa Young, CA

“Luxury Flower Based Incense Sticks."


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